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An organization dedicated to providing PipeCash services and support.
PipeCash is a multipurpose automation framework, designed specifically for convenient use together with Bitcoin.
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Our products and services include tools for designing and running PipeCash scenarios, custom development of PipeCash components (agents, plugins, runner programs, log managers), integrations tailored for your specific use case, and of course - customer support.

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Powerful Tools

Our tools are both simple to use and extremely flexible.

Component Development

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You want something that is not yet in PipeCash. Give us a call.


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We can provide top quality PipeCash integration with your existing systems.


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Don't want to bother with infrastructure? Let us handle the hosting of your PipeCash automation.

Customer Support

Having trouble? We can provide expert advice and support.


We are providing a number of free tutorials and guides about PipeCash.


Not sure if PipeCash is right for you? Book a meeting with our representative to discuss your specific needs.


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It is possible to request a training seminar and learn the ins and outs of PipeCash.


Looking for people with experience? Join the PipeCash Telegram group, or go to the PipeCash forum.

Solutions Marketplace

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Browse through the marketplace for solutions made by our parthners. Purchase common configurations or plugins.

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